Considering a Solar Power System For Your Home?

July 8, 2009 by  

As electricity costs continue to rise every year, more and more homeowners are considering solar power as an alternative. And with the energy cost caps expiring or being removed, the prices are rising even further. Getting “off the grid” is something many homeowners are aiming for, and the most effective way to become energy independent is to install a solar power system for your house.

Depending on your location, the size of your house and the amount of electricity you use, the savings could be in the tens of thousands over the next two decades.

Saving Big With Solar Power Systems

The fact that you will save a ton of money on your energy bill in the long run is undeniable. After the initial purchase of your system, you will never have to buy power again.

In the beginning, the $20,000 or so that you pay for your home solar power system will be more expensive than the first several years of electricity bills. Eventually the system will pay itself off, offset by rises in energy costs.

Home solar power system

Don’t forget the tax credit which can provide a large rebate! If you take this into consideration, one of these systems effectively cost much less than their price tag.

Did you know that if you produce more electricity than you use, you can actually sell that electricity back to the power company? For the average household, most systems won’t produce quite enough electricity to make this worthwhile. Especially in the winter months when there is less sunlight, which in turn will produce less energy.

However, you can further renovate your home to become more energy efficient. Newer insulation, better windows as well as other upgrades can save you a ton of cash every year. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones alone can save you hundreds a year.

Getting off the energy grid is is a long-term goal at first but well worth it in the end. In the near future it will become cheaper to make homes green. They will not only use less energy, but they will be producing their own as well.

Along with other energy initiatives like electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars and improving mass transit systems, we are well on our way to energy independence, and you can join in the fun by installing a solar power system today!


2 Responses to “Considering a Solar Power System For Your Home?”

  1. sajid on October 29th, 2010 11:02 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to know about the solar system for a home and what is the cost of solar coz i m looking to buy it for my self

  2. Steve on October 29th, 2010 10:46 pm

    Hi Sajid. Solar electricity usually costs around $10 – $12 a watt installed. A robust solar electric system will cost you about $20,000. This may seem like a lot of money (and it is) but it will pay itself off in the long run and will be money well spent.
    An alternative can be to build your own solar or wind power from home… with materials that will cost you about $200. Earth4Energy is a guide that could teach you how to do this. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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